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A Place for You and What Moves You

The Carriage Homes at City Modern are a contemporary take on the carriage houses throughout Brush Park in the 1800s. For sale with one, two or three bedrooms, they provide a variety of private outdoor spaces. Whether your modern-day carriage takes the form of a bike or a car, there’s space for it in your attached garage. Each Carriage Home’s interior is bright and airy, with windows facing one another to allow abundant natural light and comfortable cross-breezes. A central light well or courtyard creates a radiant environment. Open floor plans lend flexibility, letting you arrange a layout that meets your needs. Modern materials and new-fashioned finishes exist throughout.

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Exemplary Features

  • Open floor plans
  • Two or three levels
  • Second-level balconies
  • Garden spaces, courtyards, second-level decks or roof decks
  • Attached one-car garages
Townhomes at City Modern Brush Park
Townhomes at City Modern Brush Park